Hi there. We are a group of IELTS experts with years of experience helping students get the IELTS score they need. Whether it’s for your next job, to get that university place you want or for visa or immigration reasons, we can help.

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Pete - IELTS Dojo


I've been teaching English for twenty years in Europe, Central Asia and China. I started examining Cambridge main suite and business exams in 2000 and IELTS in 2006.  

I have a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching and Materials Development and have written two coursebooks and lots of articles. I'm one of the main writers for IELTS dojo. 


I’ve taught English since 1995 and have worked in Portugal, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Macau and Finland on lots of English programmes, including IELTS exam preparation and English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

I’ve written a wide variety of teaching materials designed to promote successful learning and enhance the educational experience for speakers of other languages. I’ve also published several articles and presented at conferences in Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Sweden, and Australia.

Carolyn - IELTS Dojo tutor


I started teaching English in 1999 and have worked in English Language Teaching (ELT) for the British Council in Thailand, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong.  I have recently relocated to the UK. My main experience is in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Business English and exam preparation, such as the IELTS test. I have a Master’s degree in Education (Applied Linguistics). I'm a blog writer at IELTS Dojo.

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