Corporate support

IELTS Dojo also provides support to universities, schools, companies and institutions. If you require employees or students to achieve a specific level in IELTS we can help identify who is on target and who would be in need of additional training before taking the test.

Test Packages

To ensure you can cover your requirements we would recommend investing in a test package which can be created to give you the flexibility you need at an attractive price.  Different types of packages could be developed depending on your need. Examples of different package options are shown below but we would be happy to design a package that suits your specific needs – for further details email

In terms of writing support we would recommend a series of three written tests. For each test students would get feedback on each of the four marking criteria and an indication if they are on target. Taking three papers would give students exposure to the different question types they may get in the official IELTS test and the cumulative feedback should help them identify aspects of their writing they need to focus on. For speaking we’d recommend doing a full mock test online where the interviewer would be able to give some feedback at the end.

Test bundles

Test bundles can be purchased for individual candidates as shown below.

Preparation Bundle

3 written tests and 1 speaking test = $70 USD

Test Blocks

Alternatively you can order a block of tests which can be taken at any time according to your convenience. Tests ordered in a block are valid for 10 years to ensure you can use them as and when you like.

Writing Blocks

Speaking Blocks

250 written tests = $3,900 USD
500 written tests = $7,800 USD

250 spoken tests = $6,100 USD
500 spoken tests = $12,000 USD


The advantage of test blocks are that high performing candidates may only need to take one test to ensure they are on target while other candidates may need to take the test a number of times to check their progress and you can allocated the tests as and when you wish.

Contact us at to discuss your needs.