IELTS in the News: Nursing

There has been concern in the UK recently about qualified nurses struggling to get the IELTS scores they need for immigration purposes. As this Guardian newspaper article explains, even native English speakers have been rejected because they were not able to get the 7 they required. The paper that caused most problems was the writing paper, because of problems with essay structure and grammar, areas we’ve often talked about in these blogs. For example, our last post showed how you could put a good paragraph together.

As the Guardian article points out, good paragraph structure isn’t the most important skill needed in nursing and it’s a shame qualified, experienced professionals are unable to move ahead in their careers because of a language test. However, the good new is that it doesn’t take a lot to understand the IELTS test and develop the skills you need to do well in it.

Whatever your profession or level of language, if you are going to take the IELTS test it’s a good idea to be familiar with expectations of the exam. Take a look at our overview of the IELTS writing paper which can help you overcome the kinds of problems that could stop you getting the score you need. Remember you can also practice the IELTS writing and speaking papers with us and get feedback on areas you need to focus on to achieve a successful result.

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