IELTS Preparation – Submitting Work to IELTS Dojo

We’ve had a couple of emails recently asking about IELTS preparation and submitting work to IELTS Dojo so we thought now was a good time to do a quick roundup if you’re getting ready to take IELTS in preparation for the summer.


If you want to see how your speaking is doing, we can arrange a speaking test via Skype. This gives you the experience of taking an IELTS speaking test and lets you know if you are on target or not. We can also give you some advice about areas you need to focus on to meet your target score. You can find out more about booking a speaking test here. One of the key things to do well in the IELTS Speaking Test is knowing what to expect and our practice tests mean you will know what is coming and what you have to do in order to do well.


You can also practise the writing test with us. The introductory service is the IELTS Writing Band Checker, which basically tells you if you are on target for your target writing score. If you want more detailed feedback giving specific advice about aspects of writing you may need to work on you can book the  Writing Feedback service. For both writing services you can either complete the writing task by hand and send us a scanned copy or complete the tasks on a computer. However, whichever way you write your answers it’s important you try to do them under test conditions and within the time limit you would have in the IELTS exam.

Knowing if you’re on target or not can really help focus your IELTS preparation and you can also make sure you can take the exam with confidence.



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