Sample IELTS Writing Paper – Task 2 (Example #2)

Have a look at the sample Task 2 question from the IELTS Writing test, then check out our advice on how to answer the question and finally our sample answer. This is an example of a problem/solution style of essay


The internet has greatly speeded up the way we find and share information nowadays to the benefit of our society. There are however problems resulting from this development.

What are some of the problems and possible solutions?

You should write at least 250 words and take at least 40 minutes

Advice on how to complete this task

This kind of question expects a response which outlines the problems and then suggests some possible solutions. It is a problem/solution essay. A good structure for your essay would be:

  • Paragraph one – introduce the topic generally and mention the problems of the use of the internet (in this case censorship and hacking are mentioned in the first paragraph).
  • Paragraph two – write at least 2 disadvantages of the internet (expand on the ideas you mentioned briefly in paragraph one) and support your ideas.
  • Paragraph three –briefly suggest solutions to the problems you have mentioned above.
  • Last paragraph – close the essay with a final paragraph on the success of your solutions or perhaps some kind of evaluation of your solutions.

Sample answer

There has been a rapid growth in the spread of information by the internet throughout the world over the past fifteen years. Nowadays, the use of the internet is prevalent from primary school through to tertiary education and beyond into the world of work and leisure. Despite the many advantages of the internet, there are several disadvantages such as censorship and hacking of personal information.

The problem of the new ease of access to information through the internet can lead to children being exposed to unsuitable websites e.g. with pornographic photos, violence and crime. Children often spend more time alone these days with the parents at work and can perhaps find information which is totally inappropriate for their age. The second problem is computer hacking. Hackers can gain access to our personal information sometimes such as banking details and embezzle money from unsuspecting internet users purchasing products online.

The problem of children’s access to inappropriate material on the internet could be addressed by parents putting a net nanny or blacklist software on the computer. This would restrict access to sites with unsuitable images or materials. Regarding access to personal information, net users should be vigilant for websites which do not display the protection padlock symbol when making a purchase. This can help alleviate problems of fraud.

By being alert to the potential problems associated with our high dependence on the internet, people can better protect themselves and their children from potential drawbacks. The internet has opened up great access to gain and share information and the benefits of this should be enjoyed by individuals who are informed about the risks and means to minimise those risks.

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