Increasing your IELTS vocabulary

How can you write more academically? What factors make your writing more academic? These are questions students often ask. They have an idea that increasing their vocabulary can help, but they do not know how best to do this.


Having a wide range of words will help you to express your ideas more easily in your writing. The IELTS writing paper does not expect you to write in the style of academic journals, with difficult technical vocabulary. The topics for the essay are designed so that it is likely you will have some general knowledge on the topic and your own world view on it. Typical topics might be health, technology or the environment.


So where can you go to find some useful vocabulary?


If you have a mobile phone and like learning by apps, the British Council has an app for increasing your  IELTS vocabulary. It covers common IELTS topics and has sound files too, so you also get to practise your listening. You can download the free app by following the link below and choosing “word power”:


If you prefer books, try a college library for IELTS vocabulary books from the Cambridge series:



If you are interested in building your vocabulary to make your writing more abstract (which can sound more academic) then take a look at one of our earlier blog posts on this topic:


Remember that often the best way to learn vocabulary is to learn in short time intervals daily. Revisit new words every day until you know them well. Think of it like a little daily workout as part of your routine. Happy learning 🙂


May 4, 2017

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