Do you need IELTS for university entry or emigration?

Do you need to do the IELTS test to reach your goal? Are you dreaming of studying abroad or emigrating to a new country? The IELTS test is important for many organisations to know that your level of English is up to the standard you will need to study or work in an English speaking country.


If you are going to take the IELTS test, the first thing you should know is the format of the test. One of the best ways to increase your confidence is to know what to expect in the reading, listening, writing and speaking parts.


You can find useful, general information on the official IELTS website On the website you can select information for your country, and find the specific score you need for your chosen organisation


You can take a look at the British Council’s website , where you will find very detailed information on IELTS.


If it’s a particular university you wish to study at, you’re best to contact that university directly and find out what IELTS score you need for the course you want to study.


Our website offers lots of advice, especially focussing on speaking and writing skills. Students often find it difficult to get feedback on those two productive skills because it’s not just a case of checking right or wrong multiple choice questions, like the reading and listening tests.


Many students can’t find a good, affordable IELTS course in their country nor afford a private tutor. Perhaps you can practice your writing and send it to us. We can check if you are near your goal or still have some way to go. Or do a mock speaking test for feedback from one of our IELTS tutors.


So don’t hang back – it’s  a good time to start practising for your IELTS test to reach your goal 🙂

February 6, 2018

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