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Get quick and useful feedback from our IELTS tutors on your writing or speaking to make sure you are on target for the IELTS score you need.
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IELTS Writing: Do you want to know if you are ready for the IELTS writing exam? Or do you want detailed feedback on your writing practice? Choose one of the writing packages below.
IELTS Speaking: Do you want an IELTS practice speaking test? We’ll talk you through the test over a Skype lesson.
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Are you ready for the IELTS writing exam? Do one of our practice tests and send it to us and we’ll tell you how near you are to getting the IELTS band your need within 48 hours.

Only US$4 (approx €3.55)

Cheap, simple and effective.


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All the information in IELTS Writing Band Checker plus detailed feedback on your English.

Complete an authentic sample IELTS exam paper from the IELTS Academic or General Writing test. Submit your answer and we’ll reply in 48 hours with score details, feedback and advice on how to get the band you need.


Speaking practice

This test practice provides a mock test for the IELTS speaking test.

Sign up for this course and we will provide a mock speaking test over Skype. The test will last 15 minutes and follow the same steps as the real test. At the end of the test we will tell you how close you are to your target band and provide some feedback so you can do better next time.