IELTS Writing Band Checker


Find out how near you are to getting the IELTS band your need. Submit a sample writing paper and we’ll check it for you and tell you how close you are to your target band.


Find out if you are ready for the IELTS writing test. Do one of our practice tests and send it to us and we’ll tell you how near you are to getting the IELTS band your need within 48 hours. Simple and effective.

See the sample report you will receive.

The IELTS test costs a lot of money. This is money well spent if you get the band you need but how do you know when you are ready? It is better to spend more time preparing and take the test when you are ready than find out too late that you weren’t ready.

Because IELTS is not an exam you pass or fail, it is hard to say when you are ready. It is better to have a target and aim for that. This depends on what you need IELTS for.

Save yourself time and money by checking your IELTS writing level before you do the IELTS exam.