IELTS Speaking test strategies and tips

Tips for Part 1

  • The questions begin on topics familiar to you to help you relax, as this should be easier for you.
  • The topics may cover areas such as study, work, your home, hobbies, food, TV etc.
  • Do not memorise sentences.
  • It is better to answer each question, giving a reason for your answer.

Tips for Part 2

  • You are given a topic by the examiner. The topics are unseen (although you will get one minute to prepare your talk).
  • It is better to make notes in the one minute preparation time and just use your life experience for examples.
  • The topics are non-academic.

Tips for Part 3

  • This is linked to the topic you were given in Part 2, but consists of a more general discussion with the examiner.
  • You may disagree with the examiner and give reasons.
  • The most important thing is to express your opinions as clearly as you can.
  • Provide examples to strengthen your arguments.