The UK, Australia, Canada and The USA? What other doors can IELTS open for you?

IELTS is often used as a key to studying overseas. You may know that all universities in the UK accept IELTS but did you know that this is also the case for those in Australia, New Zealand and Canada? 

The popularity of IELTS has grown in the USA too and now more than 3,000 educational institutions there accept it as a measurement of proficiency in English.

It’s not just English-speaking countries that accept IELTS either.

Since English is a global language, it is used in education all over the world. This means that even if you want to study in countries such as Germany, Norway or The Netherlands, IELTS can open the door to success.

The official IELTS website is a great place to check which universities accept IELTS Make sure you check what IELTS band score the university or college you want to attend requires as a minimum for entry. Then, you know what your goal will be.

Apart from study, IELTS scores are accepted for migration (moving to another country to live there) and work purposes.

If you plan to move to another country to join your family or to become a permanent resident in an English-speaking country, it is likely that you will need to take an IELTS test.

Similarly, if you are going overseas to work in areas such as medicine (including nursing, of course), engineering, law, construction, hotel and tourism to name but a few, an IELTS test is your best key to opening that door.

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